To Choose a Sun, the Moon, or the Stars

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Game 1: Into the Jungle Wilderness…
For 10 years, Indigo Moonwhisper studied in the Temple of the Sun near the city of Quomec.
On the first day of her return to her Wood (Jungle) Elf tribe of the Vineweavers. Indigo discovered that her great-aunt Silverbranch had gone missing out of her treetop cabin.
Then a Stirge attacked and was quickly defeated.
Hailed as a champion and protector of the tribe, Indigo was sent out to find the wise woman Silverbranch.
Indigo knew that great-aunt Silverbranch left a trail of fireflies wherever she traveled. Indigo left at sundown to follow the firefly trail.
Along the way, Indigo was attacked and wounded by 3 more Stirges.
Indigo did not give up, and followed the firefly trail to the Black Pond, where she saw her holy pendant reflected in the moonlit waters. Indigo scooped a handful of water from the pond and drank, healing her wounds slightly and learning 3 cantrips.
Then she meditated on her travels…

Game 2:
Indigo returned from her meditations and studied the Black Pond. As she watched the morning light dance across the opaque mirror, she spied the flicker of fireflies in the mouth of a small cave across the distance.
Making her way to (and into) the unnatural darkness, Indigo found a stalagmite that had been sheered off to form a table. On that ‘table’ rested a hand-carved chess board with the white pieces set up on her side of the cave.
The black pieces were in the shadowy darkness, where a whisper said “We shall play a game. You must seek to checkmate my king for light to win, or seek the portal to pass through…”
Two things changed on the game board: a shimmering disk of golden light appeared on one of the squares, and one of Indigo’s rooks changed into an exact copy of Indigo herself.
During the game, Indigo found that her great wisdom allowed her to make additional moves, while the darkness moved in a randomly chaotic way (sometimes even destroying one of Indigo’s pieces or forcing one of Indigo’s pieces to move). Even as Indigo fought to win the game, a black pawn and a black castle passed through the golden circle of light on the board.
In the end, Indigo won the game by passing her piece through the glowing circle. She immediately was teleported across the jungle to the top of an ancient, jungle ruins of a pyramid, where she faced off with the black pawn and the black castle.
The pawn became a swarm of rats while the castle changed into a giant spider.
Using her mother’s sword and the magic of Fairy Fire and Burning Hands, Indigo won the battle against these dark creatures.
At the end of the battle, she rested and discovered that she had ascended to Level 2!

Game 3:


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